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Tarryn Teresa Gallery is pleased to present Suspended Animation, a solo exhibit featuring new work by Venice-based artist Dave Bondi. In his second show at the gallery, Bondi addresses the stasis of modern existence: how it informs the development of one’s character and personality. Bondi’s work is improvisational and is in direct contradiction to the personal or emotional impasse brought on by fear for the future or regret for the past which confronts many of us. This obstruction impedes decision making, robbing us of opportunities to grow and change. For the artist, the act of making work serves as a personal catharsis as he wrestles with his own obstructions. The work he creates is an invitation to the viewer to do the same.

Bondi’s colorful polyutherene resin and foam pieces are displayed within the gallery space either as hanging sculptures or floating “wall” pieces. The viewer is meant to circle around each piece, view it from all angles, and even touch the piece. Suspended Animation breaks many conventional gallery rules and disarms expectations to create an intimate relationship between the viewer and the piece. Within this relationship, Bondi’s work and the viewer act on each other, each shedding their nature and existing, even if only for a moment, in the here and now.

For Bondi, such temporality is of primary importance, both for an understanding of one’s self and for compassion for the rest of the world. Suspended Animation is the artist’s honest dialogue with the viewer and with himself: “To me, this is about as truthful as I can ever become.”

About the Artist
Dave Bondi received his BFA in Industrial Design and Sculpture from the University of Michigan. He has over fifteen years of experience working as an artist and animator for such notable entertainment companies as Mattel, Activision, Electronic Arts and the television comedy “South Park”. Over the past few years, he has been involved with the designer/art toy movement as a sculptor for cult favorite Kid Robot in collaboration with Joe Ledbetter and Luke Chueh. His first vinyl toy "akashi" is nearly complete. He also serves as an adjunct professor of art at Cal State University, Dominguez Hills.

Reception: June 27, 2009 6-8pm
Exhibition runs through July 30, 2009

Heure de début :
27 juin 2009 à 18:00
Heure de fin :
30 juillet 2009 à 20:00
Lieu :
Adresse :
1820 Industrial Street #230
Ville :
Los Angeles, CA

Courriel :

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FOBA New Members - 5/18

Art Channel

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Austin, TX

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Athens, GA

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Houston, TX

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Madison, WI

Fire House Gallery
Augusta, GA

Marian Runk
Columbia College

Justine Scala

Ray Rapp
New York, NY

Elena Conti

Clifton Meador
Columbia College

Alex Forman

James P. Keenan
Tucson, AZ


Shalinee Kumari
Shalinee Kumari: American Debut
Gallery Reception
June 18, 2009
6:00 to 9:00 pm

At least since the 14th century, women in the Mithila region of the state of Bihar in northeast India have painted auspicious images on the walls of their homes. Traditionally, these paintings were done on ritual occasions, especially to celebrate marriages, and encourage fertility and prosperity. Over time several distinctive styles of Mithila painting have evolved. Then in the late 1960s the women began transferring these paintings to paper for sale. Today, woman in the region still adorn the walls of their homes with these paintings. But with the advent of newspapers, improved transportation, radio, and especially the BBC reaching into Bihar's rural villages, a small group of these artists began grappling with more contemporary subjects, drawing on their unique indigenous aesthetics. Shalinee Kumari is arguably the most progressive of these artists, producing highly narrative, vibrantly colored critical works on hand-made paper illustrating currently pressing issues such as the evils of dowry, bride burning, capitalism, inflation, corporate control of the media, global warming, terrorism, and the sexual exploitation of women. But she also does paintings on women's cricket, gender equality, and women's liberation. The artist will create fifteen new works for this exhibition, her first outside of India.

Date :
18 juin 2009
Heure :
18:00 - 21:00
Lieu :
Adresse :
456 Geary Street
Ville :
San Francisco, CA

Téléphone :
Courriel :

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Exklusiv förhandsvisning av konstverken som ingår i utställningen IDOL. Kändiskap tolkat av dom heta popkonstnärerna Lacke och Asoka.



Exclusive preview des œuvres incluses dans l'exposition IDOL. Kändiskap leur interprétation et de chaud popkonstnärerna Asoka & Lacke (Matthias Asoka Langstrom et Tomas Lacke).

Date :
4 juin 2009
Heure :
16:00 - 19:00
Lieu :
Restaurang Kvarnen vid Medborgarplatsen, Söder. Stockholm
Adresse :
Restaurang Kvarnen vid Medborgarplatsen, Söder. Stockholm
Ville :
Stockholm, Sweden

Web :

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Garageland 8: Nostalgia - Launch

join us for tea, cakes and a last chance to see The Field

The critically engaging Garageland magazine examines Nostalgia in its eighth issue (Summer 2009).

Published by Transition, from its base in East London, Garageland has been affectionately referred to as a 'cultural trash magazine' by The Guardian Guide's Jessica Lack, commended for its 'suggestions and provocations' in the Independent on Sunday and featured in Art World magazine’s review of independent arts publications.

Conceived, written and illustrated by artists, each issue of Garageland has a distinct theme such as Machismo, Baroque, Nature, Painting and Translating, Beauty or Supernatural. The magazine features essays, fiction, show previews, artist features, film club, interviews and comment.

Financial crisis, cheating MPs and predicted hard times have caused an inordinate amount of rose-tinted looking back. Garageland comes over all misty-eyed and joins the masses by looking back (at looking back) with an eclectic collection of interesting, informative and provocative articles, including interviews with film director Terence Davies and artist George Shaw and a yearning for a return to more politically engaged art. Other features include an examination into the phantom bands phenomenon, ostalgie from residents of the former communist GDR, and a look at why beauty contests are more popular than ever. Alex Michon, best known as the creator of The Clash’s iconic clothes is our Nostalgia cover artist and the ever-popular film club looks at Tarkovsky’s Nostalgia and Todd Haynes’ Far From Heaven. Also find Joel Tomlin, Fado, inside David Harrison’s studio, football, Tomma Abts, British Sea Power, Spartacus Chetwynd, fiction from Polly Gould and Tamarin Norwood, Nadia Hebson, Laura Oldfield Ford, Annabel Dover and psychometry, Proust, David Lynch’s Lost Highway and lots lots more

Garageland has been selected to appear at The London Art Book fair at The Whitechapel Gallery in Sep 2009. It was included in Kiosk at the ICA in 2007 and is part of the Publish and be Damned touring archive. Garageland is distributed by Central Books throughout the UK and Europe.

Date :
31 mai 2009
Heure :
15:00 - 18:00
Lieu :
Adresse :
Unit 25a, Regents Studios, 8 Andrews Road, E8 4QN
Ville :
London, United Kingdom

Téléphone :
Courriel :

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La galerie Kérozène est fière d’annoncer qu’elle présentera l’événement ENCRE NOIRE, une performance en direct de l’artiste montréalais bien connu, Zïlon, le jeudi 11 juin 2009, 19H00. Pour l’occasion, Zïlon exécutera une série de dessins à l’encre noire et au pinceau japonais en direct, accompagné de danseurs et d’un musicien. L’exposition des oeuvres se tiendra du 13 au 27 juin.

On ne peut assister à l’événement que sur invitation (quarante places disponibles). Veuillez donc réserver votre place par courriel, une confirmation vous sera acheminée.

Veuillez consulter le document en attachement ou me contacter personnellement pour plus de détails.


Jean G. Turgeon

Galerie Kérozène
372, Sainte Catherine ouest
Espace 420
Montréal, Qc
H3B 1A2




Heures d'affaires:

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Josh Keyes, "Sprout"
May 30th - July 3rd, 2009
Opening Reception on Saturday, May 30th from 7 - 10 PM.

Josh Keyes’ new solo exhibition, Sprout, will be on display at the David B. Smith Gallery (825 Santa Fe Drive), beginning May 30 through July 3, 2009. Keyes will present a series of new paintings that focus on the theme of overgrowth. Sprout showcases the artist's established vocabulary of imagery, intertwining animals and objects to create a mysterious and sometimes unsettling juxtaposition between the natural world and the man made landscape. The work conveys anxious but realistic visions of what the future may hold as a result of current global warming predictions. A reception for the artist will be held on Saturday, May 30th, 2009 from 7 PM to 10 PM.

The paintings presented in Sprout emerge as an imaginative and playful response to Alan Weisman's, The World Without Us. Weisman illustrates the natural world gradually reclaiming the Earth's cities and manmade structures were humans to suddenly disappear. This notion inspired Keyes to portray a world overgrown; employing the vivid imagery of animals roaming through dystopic gardens. In "Scorch II" (2009) for example, four deer emerge from a fiery sedan; antlers ablaze. Though engulfed in flames, they remain stoic, staring back in an almost accusatory fashion. Keyes' paintings reference the political, economic and ecological tensions that are present in the world today.

In addition to new paintings, Sprout will feature an interactive sculptural piece inspired by an amorphous object that Keyes had encountered while visiting the Art Institute of Chicago Museum. The Boli, a handmade artifact by the Bamana People of the West Africa, takes the form of an unidentifiable creature. Composed of a wooden armature "core" wrapped in white cotton cloth, layers of clay and sacrificial material (goat and chicken blood, chewed and kola nuts, alcoholic beverages, honey, metal, animal bones, vegetable matter, millet) are added over time to create an encrusted surface. Each added layer is meant to afford the Boli greater spiritual power. It is said that each element added to the structure symbolizes various parts of the universe; the whole can be read as a model of the Bamanas’ cosmological belief. Sprout will feature Keyes' personal interpretation of the Boli; inviting the viewer to become a participant in the additive process of creating the external form of the piece. Instead of the traditional elements of blood and animal bones, soil and seeds will be available to apply to the surface of the sculpture as well. The seeds placed on the surface will gradually sprout and grow throughout the duration of the show. By combining community, ritual, and participation, this process will bring an end result of growth and regeneration.

George Melrod, Editor of Art Ltd. Magazine, will be writing a catalogue essay for the exhibition. The piece will also be hosted on

Josh Keyes has been featured in exhibitions and contemporary art fairs nationwide. His work has recently appeared in such publications as The New York Times, The Village Voice, Complex, Seed Magazine, Juxtapoz, The Stranger, Etapes International and San Francisco Magazine.

Heure de début :
30 mai 2009 à 19:00
Heure de fin :
3 juillet 2009 à 18:00
Lieu :
David B. Smith Gallery
Adresse :
825 Santa Fe Drive
Ville :
Denver, CO

Téléphone :
Courriel :

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Oltre ottocento cantine aderenti al Movimento Turismo del Vino di tutta Italia, anche quest'anno, apriranno le proprie porte all'ormai consolidato turismo enoturistico (oltre un milione di visitatori lo scorso anno). Dalle presenze registrate nelle ultime edizioni risulta evidente che sono soprattutto i giovani che vivono Cantine Aperte, contribuendo ad animare le innumerevoli iniziative di cultura gastronomica ed artistica che fioriscono attorno all'evento.

Ad essere protagonista dell'iniziativa non è solo l'elevata qualità dei vini, con etichette tra le più rappresentative del Made in Italy, ma anche l'accoglienza all'enoturista che contraddistingue le oltre mille cantine socie del Movimento.

Saranno 42 le cantine d'Abruzzo che quest'anno partecipano a “Cantine Aperte 2009”.

Anche quest’anno Cantina Ciavolich prenderà parte ai due giorni di Cantine Aperte, presentando la propria realtà produttiva e i propri vini al vasto pubblico che vorrà visitarla.
L’appuntamento sarà caratterizzato e completato da un evento artistico, “RED LINE”, che si svolgerà all’interno dei suoi spazi e che sarà curato dalla Galleria d’Arte Atelier777 Contemporary Art, con sede a Pescara, e dalla Psicologa teramana Dott.ssa Barbara Collevecchio.
RED LINE metterà in mostra una serie d’interessanti opere di artisti provenienti dalle diverse regioni d’Italia, che creeranno un unicum emozionale, con gli affascinanti spazi della Cantina Ciavolich.


La famiglia Ciavolich vanta un’antica tradizione vitivinicola. Da quattro generazioni, infatti, produce ottimi vini, provenienti dalle uve delle proprie tenute situate nelle province di Pescara e Chieti.
Attualmente, l’Azienda è condotta da Chiara Ciavolich, che alla tradizione e ai sapienti insegnamenti del padre Giuseppe affianca la freschezza di una nuova immagine aziendale e dello stesso prodotto.
Ciavolich è la prima azienda in Abruzzo e la terza in Italia ad aver creato e ad utilizzare delle etichette “braille” per i non vedenti.
In cima al paese di Miglianico, di fronte alla Chiesa di S.Pantaleone, si può ancora osservare l’impianto della vecchia cantina fondata da Francesco Ciavolich nel 1853.
Attigua al Palazzo Valignani, essa fu costruita su due livelli: uno di superficie ed uno sotterraneo collegato al prospiciente palazzo Ciavolich da un tunnel scavato nell’arenaria. La vecchia cantina fu attiva fino al 1944, anno in cui l’abitazione al piano nobile fu sede del comando tedesco in ritirata ed i sotterranei offrirono riparo dai bombardamenti a Giuseppe Ciavolich e a diverse famiglie del paese.
L’alta qualità dei vini prodotti è il risultato dell’impegno profuso nella coltivazione dei vigneti, nella selezione delle uve migliori e nella scelta delle moderne tecniche di vinificazione.

Negli ultimi mesi del 2008 il prestigioso New York Times indicava nella Cantina Ciavolich, la seconda migliore produttrice di Montepulciano d’Abruzzo, in termini di confronto qualità-prezzo.


Atelier777 Contemporary Art presenta “RED LINE”, sei artisti provenienti dalle diverse regioni d’Italia, legati da un ideale filo conduttore, che seppur nelle più diverse sfaccettature e peculiarità, vede nella ricerca ed esaltazione del corpo, luogo d’indagine, riflessione e scoperta.
La lettura di questo sottile filo rosso (Red Line che dà il titolo all’evento), trade union dell’intera mostra, sarà resa possibile “percorrendo” la rilettura delle opere presentate, anche attraverso la parallela scoperta di ambientazioni affascinanti e uniche della Cantina Ciavolich.
E così che passando dalla sobrietà ed eleganza della luminosa vineria, agli spazi ampi della cantina, con le sue grandi vasche e botti in legno, fino ad arrivare al buio e palpabile mistero degli spazi della cava, scavati e ricavati nell’argilla, tre ambienti autonomi e ben caratterizzati si faranno interpreti e costituiranno scenario per una sequenza suggestiva di opere: video, dipinti e fotografie.

Gli artisti in mostra saranno:

Saturno Buttò
Luca Curci
Claudio Di Carlo
Massimo Festi
Tommy Retrò

"Il vino nasce dal dolore.
La linea rossa che lega amore, passione e vino è tracciata, come sempre dal mito.
Dioniso era un dio selvaggio, passionale, ribelle, innamorato del suo compagno Ampelo. Lo inseguiva per i monti greci cacciando e giocando alla lotta. Ampelo era attrazione erotica e vis maschile. La passione è tutto ciò che ci allontana dalla sensazione media di vivere. La passione ci accende come se prima di allora noi non avessimo mai vissuto. Come affermavano i poeti maledetti le illuminazioni dell'ebrezza ci avvicinano al midollo della vita. Ed il vino è nato da quella passione del dio per il suo giovinetto morto precocemente. Per allontanare quel dolore, quel primigenio dolore d'amore e affogarlo nell'oblio, è nato il rosso DI-Vino.
Rosso che riproponiamo in tutte le sue sfumature attraverso l'arte che come il mito, l'ebrezza e l'amore, ci accende di passione."

Dr.ssa Barbara Collevecchio

Plus de huit cent vinicoles participant au Movimento Turismo del Vino en Italie, cette année, ouvrira ses portes le désormais consolidée enoturistico tourisme (plus d'un million de visiteurs l'an dernier). La fréquentation a enregistré au cours des dernières années est évident que ce sont surtout les jeunes qui vivent Cantine Aperte, ce qui contribue à animer les nombreuses initiatives de la culture culinaire et artistique qui fleurissent autour de l'événement.

Pour être le protagoniste n'est pas seulement la haute qualité des vins, avec des étiquettes les plus représentatives de Fabriqué en Italie, mais également l'hôte all'enoturista qui rend le vin plus d'un millier de membres du Mouvement.

Sera 42 caves dans les Abruzzes, qui cette année font partie de la "Caves Ouvertes 2009".

Aussi cette Ciavolich Cantina participer à deux jours de la Cantine Aperte, présentation de leur fabrication et leurs vins à un plus large public qui souhaite visiter.
Le rendez-vous sera marqué et terminé par un événement artistique, "ligne rouge", qui aura lieu au sein de son propre espace et d'être organisée par la Galerie d'art Atelier777 art contemporain, basée à Pescara, et psychologue Dr. teramana ssa Collevecchio Barbara.
RED LINE affiche un certain nombre d'oeuvres d'artistes de différentes régions de l'Italie, qui va créer un unique affectif, avec les fascinants domaines de la Cantina Ciavolich.


La famille bénéficie d'une longue tradition Ciavolich vin. Depuis quatre générations, en effet, produit d'excellents vins issus de raisins de leur succession dans les provinces de Pescara et de Chieti.
Actuellement, la société est dirigée par Chiara Ciavolich que la tradition et la sagesse des enseignements de son père Joseph se joint à la fraîcheur d'une nouvelle image de l'entreprise et le même produit.
Ciavolich est la première entreprise en Italie et en troisième place en Italie à installer et à utiliser l'étiquette «braille» pour les personnes aveugles.
Le top du pays Miglianico, en face de l'église Saint-Pantaléon, on peut encore observer l'installation de la vieille cave, fondée par Francesco Ciavolich en 1853.
Adjacent au Palais Valignani, il a été construit sur deux niveaux: l'un relié à la surface et souterrain sur Ciavolich palais d'un tunnel creusé nell'arenaria. L'ancienne cave a été actif jusqu'en 1944, lorsque la maison sur le piano nobile est le siège du commandement allemand dans les eaux souterraines retirée et a offert un abri contre les bombardements à Joseph Ciavolich et les différents ménages.
La haute qualité du vin produit est le résultat des efforts dans la culture des vignobles, la sélection des meilleurs raisins et dans le choix des techniques modernes de vinification.

À la fin de 2008, le prestigieux New York Times a indiqué dans Ciavolich Cave, le deuxième meilleur producteur de Montepulciano d'Abruzzo, en termes de rapport qualité-prix.


Atelier777 d'art contemporain présente "ligne rouge", six artistes de différentes régions de l'Italie, reliés par un fil conducteur idéal, qui, même dans les plus diverses facettes et les fonctions, voir la recherche et à l'exaltation du corps, le lieu d'enquête, de réflexion et de découverte.
La lecture de cette mince ligne rouge (ligne rouge, qui donne le titre au), syndicat de l'exposition, sera rendue possible "grâce à" la lecture des oeuvres présentées, y compris le parallèle de la découverte fascinante et unique environnement de la Cantina Ciavolich.
Et pour que le passage de la sobriété et l'élégance de la lumière bar à vin, la grande cave, avec ses grands réservoirs et des tonneaux en bois, y compris l'obscurité palpable et le mystère de l'espace de la carrière, de fouilles et de prendre trois environnements nell'argilla autonome et bien caractérisés et de fournir des interprètes pour une série d'œuvres évocatrices: la vidéo, des peintures et des photographies.

Les artistes présentés seront:

Saturn Butto
Luca Curci
Claudio Di Carlo
Massimo Festi
Tommy Retro

"Le vin provient de la douleur.
La ligne rouge qui relie l'amour, la passion et le vin est tiré, comme toujours dans le mythe.
Dionysos est un dieu sauvage, passionné, rebelle, tombé en amour avec son compagnon Ampelio. Chasing les montagnes grecques pour la chasse et de la lecture de la lutte. Ampel a été attrait érotique et vis des hommes. Passion, c'est tout ce qui nous éloigne de la sensation de vivre en moyenne. La passion avant de tourner comme si on n'avait pas vécu. Comme indiqué poètes maudits les illuminations dell'ebrezza nous rapprocher de la moelle de la vie. Et le vin est né de la passion de Dieu pour son enfant qui est décédé plus tôt. Pour supprimer la douleur, la douleur de l'amour primitif et se noient dans l'oubli, est né de la rouge-vin.
Rouge à nouveau dans toutes ses nuances à travers l'art et le mythe, l'émotion et l'amour, nous passons à la passion. "

Dr. Barbara Collevecchio

Heure de début :
30 mai 2009 à 15:00
Heure de fin :
31 mai 2009 à 20:00
Lieu :
Cantine Ciavolich
Adresse :
Piazza Chiesa di San Pantaleone
Téléphone :
Courriel :

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In occasione di Esposizione Universale – L'arte alla prova del tempo, GAMeC - Galleria d'Arte Moderna e Contemporanea organizza "Happy Art": otto appuntamenti alla scoperta di una sala della mostra ogni giovedì dalle ore 19,00 alle ore 19,45.
A seguire aperitivo con il relatore. Ingresso ridotto + 5 €.

Questa settimana:
Giovedì 28 maggio, HAPPY BODY con Daniela Mancia

Daniela Mancia
Guida turistica abilitata per la provincia di Bergamo – conseguita nell’anno 2001 tel. 0039.035.232006
cell. 0039.329.9681380
email: daniela.mancia@inwind.itCette adresse email est protégée contre les robots des spammeurs, vous devez activer Javascript pour la voir.
Lingue parlate: inglese

A l'occasion de l'Exposition Universelle - l'art à l'épreuve du temps, GAMeC - Galleria d'Arte Moderna e Contemporanea organiser des «Happy Art»: huit rendez-vous à la découverte d'une pièce de l'exposition, chaque jeudi à partir de 19,00 à 19,45 .
Après un apéritif avec le rapporteur. Entrée € 5 + réduite.

Cette semaine:
Jeudi, Mai 28, HAPPY BODY avec Daniela Mancia

Daniela Mancia
Guida turistica abilitata per la provincia di Bergamo – conseguita nell’anno 2001 tel. 0039.035.232006
cell. 0039.329.9681380
email: daniela.mancia@inwind.itCette adresse email est protégée contre les robots des spammeurs, vous devez activer Javascript pour la voir.
Lingue parlate: inglese

Date :
28 mai 2009
Heure :
19:00 - 19:45
Lieu :
Adresse :
Via San Tomaso 53
Ville :
Bergamo, Italy

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Sabato 30 maggio per festeggiare la maggiore età del “Tour del Mistero” ideato e condotto da 18 anni da Paolo Moschini, il Museo Cividini che ha la sede nella antica Zecca di Bergamo ultima tappa del Tour del Mistero 2009, alle ore 23.00, presenta una scultura di Pierantonio Volpini non solo da guardare, ma anche da mangiare.
Il tour del Mistero ha permesso a decine di migliaia di cittadini e turisti, non solo bergamaschi ma di ogni parte d’Italia e del mondo, di conoscere e apprezzare angoli segreti, nascosti e solitamente inaccessibili di Bergamo Alta, contribuendo così alla diffusione della sua fama di città d’arte tra le più belle d’Italia.

L'originale idea delle sculture da mangiare nasce dalla mente creativa di Pierantonio Volpini, che fece le sue prime sperimentazioni agli inizi degli anni 80 oltre 25 anni fa e come scriveva il Corriere della Sera del 12/06/87: "…si tratta delle riproduzioni dei quadri di Pierantonio Volpini, sotto forma di risotti in bianco, rosso e verde ("rinfresco patriottico" che... i visitatori potranno gustare o portarsi a casa e conservare in frigirifero)...”

Sabato 30 Maggio Pierantonio Volpini presenterà delle sculture che nascono con la finalità di essere mangiate, collocandosi così in pieno nel dibattito in atto nell'arte contemporanea, il cui valore è più legato all'originalità dell'idea che alla sua durata nel tempo. Questa particolare forma di arte ci spinge a riflettere sul senso della creazione artistica e sulla fruibilità dell'oggetto d'arte e, lo scultore Pierantonio Volpini nella sua creatività, ci invita a riflettere ci spinge a prendere coscienza del rapporto arte-società-consumo. Infatti la possibilità di mangiare una scultura ci porta a mettere a confronto la nostra impalcatura culturale rispetto all'opera d'arte e ci fa riflettere sul senso d’uso dell'arte contemporanea.

Proprio partendo da questa riflessione sul tema del rapporto tra l'opera d'arte e il suo valore, l'artista ha iniziato la realizzazione delle prime sculture di cibo utilizzando vari tipi di verdura e frutta cruda o cotta, manipolandole in maniera da crearne delle opere che facevano l’occhiolino al Design Radicale precursore di quello che sarà il movimento Postmoderno.

Ancora negli anni 80 - 90 Pierantonio Volpini a Milano in via Palermo nello galleria sperimentale che aveva chiamato “Progetto Volpini” si spinse ad organizzare una vera e proprie mostra nella quale i partecipanti potevano acquistare l'arte e mangiarla.

Samedi 30 Mai à l'occasion de l'âge du «Mystery Tour", conçu et réalisé pendant 18 ans par Paolo Moschini, Cividini que le Musée a mis sur pied dans la vieille Monnaie Bergamo dernière étape du Tour de Mystery 2009, à 23.00, a une sculpture Pierantonio Volpini, non seulement à regarder, mais aussi à manger.
La visite du mystère a permis à des dizaines de milliers de citoyens et les touristes, non seulement de Bergame, mais par chaque partie de l'Italie et du monde, de connaître et d'apprécier les coins secrets, cachés et souvent inaccessibles à Bergamo Alta, contribuant ainsi à la propagation du son réputation en tant que ville d'art parmi les plus beaux d'Italie.

L'idée originale de la sculpture à manger vient de l'esprit de créativité Pierantonio Volpini, qui a fait ses premières expériences au début des années 80 plus de 25 ans et comment il a écrit le Corriere della Sera le 12/06/87: "... ce sont les reproductions de peintures de Pierantonio Volpini, sous la forme d'un risotto au blanc, rouge et vert ( "refresh patriotique" ... que les visiteurs peuvent profiter de la maison ou de prendre et de garder en frigirifero )..."

Samedi, Mai 30, Pierantonio Volpini présente des sculptures qui sont créés dans le but d'être mangé, ce qui en fait pleinement dans le débat qui a lieu dans l'art contemporain, dont la valeur est plus liée à l'originalité de l'idée que sa longue vie. Cette forme particulière de l'art nous conduit à réfléchir sur le sens de la création artistique et à la jouissance de l'art et le sculpteur Pierantonio Volpini dans sa créativité, nous invite à envisager de nous d'être conscient de la relation entre l'art et de la société de consommation. En effet, la possibilité de manger une sculpture qui nous amène à comparer notre culture à l'égard de l'échafaudage de l'art et nous fait réfléchir sur le sens de l'usage contemporain.

Il suffit de partir de cette réflexion sur les relations entre l'œuvre d'art et de sa valeur, l'artiste a commencé la mise en œuvre de la première des sculptures de la nourriture en utilisant divers types de fruits et de légumes crus ou cuits, afin de créer la manipulation Clin d'oeil des œuvres qui ont été à l'Radical Design précurseur de ce que sera le mouvement postmoderne.

Même dans les années 80 - 90 Pierantonio Volpini à Milan, à Palerme dans le tunnel expérimental a été nommé "Project Volpini" est allé à l'organisation d'un spectacle dans lequel les participants pouvaient acheter de l'art et de le manger.

Heure de début :
30 mai 2009 à 23:00
Heure de fin :
31 mai 2009 à 02:00
Lieu :
Adresse :
via Donizetti 18/A
Ville :
Bergamo, Italy

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curated by Ciara Ennis

Now through June 26, 2009

Artists include: Cathy Akers, Heather Cantrell, Fallen Fruit, Olga Koumoundouros, Jason Middlebrook, Bede Murphy with Unarius, Machine Project with Jim Fetterly, William Ransom, Stephanie Smith (Wanna Start A Commune?), and Joel Tauber

LA 2019: CULTS, COLLECTIVES & COCOONING pictures a prospective Los Angeles that rejects its anonymous sprawling suburbs in favor of a return to village life with all the allegiances and intimacy that entails. Neighborhoods become self-sustaining and self-governing entities that rely on home production and barter, rotation of back-yard crops and fertilizing their vegetable gardens with the guano of patio-raised chickens. Business is conducted between hamlets traveled to and from by bio-fueled vehicles, delivery tricycles, horses and donkeys.

Featuring objects, installations, photography, drawing and video works by emerging and established artists the exhibition explores three related themes: real and fictional intentional communities, the power of the collective versus the individual, and sustainable solutions for future living.

18th Street Arts Center
1639 18th Street
Santa Monica, CA 90404
Mon - Fri, 10am - 6pm

General Information

310-453-3711 ext. 103

310-453-3711 ext. 102


Or, email 18th Street at


7pm – 9pm, everyone welcome, artists in attendance, light refreshments served

Exhibits run May 30 – July 11 (6 weeks)

PUBLIC GALLERY: A Measured Act – Norman Takeuchi (Ottawa ON)

A Japanese Canadian National Museum Touring Show - Takeuchi's drawings and paper assemblages share a personal view, seen through Sansei (third generation Japanese Canadian) eyes, into the interment of Japanese Canadians. This show is an installation of five life-size paper kimono named after internment camps, and six charcoal drawings depicting objects from memories of the internment.

After graduating from the Vancouver School of Art in 1962 with a painting scholarship, Norman Takeuchi moved to London, England to concentrate on painting and exhibiting. A year later he returned to Canada and settled in Ottawa to work as an exhibition designer until 1996 when he left his design career to become a full-time artist. He has since participated in many solo and group exhibitions and his work is represented in public and private collections in Canada and abroad.

ARTS & CRAFT GALLERY: The Second Path – Chinese brush paintings by Andy Lou (Victoria BC) and wood sculpture by Marco Montess (Comox Valley BC)

Andy Shutse Lou was born and raised in China and received a Master degree of Fine Arts from the University of North Texas. Since 1988, he has taught Foundation Drawing I and II courses at Department of Art, the University of North Texas, U.S.A.; Chinese Brush Painting courses at the University of British Columbia; Simon Fraser University and the University of Victoria in British Columbia. Since 2001, Andy has been teaching Oriental Brush Painting Workshop (Summer School of the Visual Arts) at the Red Deer College, Alberta. His mixed media cross-cultural landscape theme paintings have been exhibited and collected widely in Canada, U.S.A. and China. Andy is also a co-author of three books on brush painting.

“My paintings are personal investigations into the interaction between Eastern and Western culture. They express how I see and feel about my subject; how I interpret it intuitively and spiritually by using visual language. I continue to pursue a personal direction in expanding the limits of Chinese Brush Painting to challenge the conservatism of traditional art and to push the self-imposed limits of conventional painting.”

WINDOW GALLERY: What Are the Chances? Paintings by Kate Hemenway (Vancouver BC)

Kate Hemenway is a graduate of the Emily Carr University (formerly ECIAD) and has studied in Italy with the Emily Carr /Florence exchange program. She has exhibited in various locations in the lower mainland.

“I work in the borderland between art and science. Statistics, mathematics, and chance are among my neighbours. I use dice throws to randomize a field of similar shapes. Often I will explore global indicators of well being. Sometimes I just lilke to show various probability distributions. The result is a body of work of paintings that look like fields of multicoloured jellybeans. They can be viewed just as they are, or, if one is more curious, the title of each piece will give the viewer something to think about. Chance not only plays a role in health, but also in physics, genetics, accidents, lotteries, and the environments in to which we are born. This both fascinates and frightens me. I realize I do not have as much control over life as I would wish. It threatens the modern myth of free will. I also have learned to respect statisticians. They share the artist's impulse to create order from chaos.”


An exhibit about the CURA (Community University Research Alliance) conference examining community and space in small cities featuring photographs, maps, drawings, sculpture and creations from the conference. The CURA conference took place at various locations around the valley May 14 – 16. FMI please click here:

Heure de début :
29 mai 2009 à 19:00
Heure de fin :
11 juillet 2009 à 17:00
Lieu :
Adresse :
580 Duncan Avenue
Ville :
Courtenay, BC

Téléphone :
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