dimanche 29 mars 2009


Ad aprire le inaugurazioni Esposizione Universale – l’arte alla prova del tempo: otto mostre racchiuse in un unico percorso espositivo a cura di Giacinto Di Pietrantonio.

In visione fino al 26 luglio 2009, oltre cento opere, che vanno dal XV al XXI secolo, per affrontare le tematiche universali trattate nei secoli da artisti antichi, moderni e contemporanei. Periodi diversi si confrontano, il classico e il moderno si fronteggiano per sottolineare le influenze e le relazioni esercitate dal passato sul presente e viceversa.

In contemporanea RAPTUS, un progetto site specific dell’artista Marcello Maloberti, a cura di Alessandro Rabottini.
Ideato dall’artista per gli spazi della GAMeC, RAPTUS è un’imponente installazione composta da oggetti, suoni, luci e immagini che creano una molteplicità di paesaggi – rurali , urbani e umani – incastrati l’uno dentro l’altro come scatole cinesi, e che si espandono sino a dominare gli spazi del museo.

A cura di Maria Cristina Rodeschini le due mostre del ciclo 'Arte a Bergamo', indagine su autori e opere prodotte nella città: gli spazi della Collezione Permanente ospiteranno Dalla Collezione Zucchelli, Dipinti e ceramiche; mentre lo Spazio ParolaImmagine accoglierà la personale di Dietelmo Pievani, dal titolo La materia delle idee.


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Pour l'ouverture de l'Exposition universelle - l'art à l'épreuve du temps: huit expositions sont jointes en une seule exposition, organisée par Giacinto Di Pietrantonio.

Compte tenu que le 26 Juillet 2009, plus d'une centaine d'œuvres, allant du quinzième au vingt et unième siècle, pour traiter de thèmes universels traités au cours des siècles par des artistes anciens, modernes et contemporains. Différentes périodes sont comparées, le classique et moderne face à souligner l'influence exercée et les rapports du passé sur le présent et vice versa.

Raptus Ensemble, un site spécifique artiste Marcello Maloberti, édité par Alessandro Rabottini.
Conçu par l'artiste pour l'espace de GAMeC, Raptus est une installation composée d'objets massifs, des sons, des lumières et des images qui créent une variété de paysages - rural, urbain et humain - coincés l'un dans l'autre, comme des boîtes chinoises, et que l'expansion de dominer les espaces du musée.

Sous la direction de Maria Cristina Rodeschini deux expositions du cycle "L'art de Bergame", enquête sur les auteurs et les œuvres produites dans la ville: les espaces d'accueil de la Collection permanente Collection Zucchelli, de peintures et de céramique, tandis que l'espace ParolaImmagine accueillir le personnel Dietelmo Pievani , intitulée Le champ des idées.

Heure de début :
jeudi 2 avril 2009, à 18:30
Heure de fin :
vendredi 3 avril 2009, à 18:30
Lieu :
Adresse :
Via San Tomaso 53
Ville :
Bergamo, Italy

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La Petite Mort Gallery presents:

Friday, April 3, 2009 / 7 - 10pm
In the window of La Petite Mort Gallery....

In collaboration with the photography exhibit by INKED KENNY (aka Kenny Lee) : SUBVERSIVE WORLDS

Douglas Kent, author of award-winning "The Better Built Bondage Book" and the forthcoming "Complete SHIBARI" series, would be giving us a glimpse in the very private world of SHIBARI.

What is SHIBARI? It's an artistic form of Japanese-style bondage that builds beautiful and elegant rope work from a small set of simple ties.

"The goal of shibari is not punishment, nor is it control, as many westernized D/s’ ers seem to practice. It is a mutual effort of the Dom and sub to build the best, closest relationship possible. There are no safewords used, scenes are not negotiated, and the concept of "safe, sane and consensual" is not vocalized. Instead there is an honor to be found within the Dom to respect the sub and ensure no harm comes to her in exchange for the total control she gives Him.

To many, shibari may seem extreme. Bondage and suspension can be torturous and painful. In addition, deep humiliation is often used, and the sub really is the Dom’s "object" to be used as He wishes. But this is all used to break down any false inhibitions between the sub and Dom and is never meant to be harmful. Instead, it diminishes and eventually removes any barriers between the two, forming a bond and dependence between the couple that is indescribable.

Shibari brings with it an innate respect for your partner, a desire to please, a closeness and bond I have not witnessed elsewhere. Admittedly, my experience is based on one Master, the Man who owns my soul. I don’t know if it is the same for everyone. I do know a comment I hear frequently in demos or at the local dungeon focuses on the obvious bond and unspoken communication between us". Anonymous Testimonial, 2009

Want something to tell your grand-kids... then join us!.


Guy Berube, director
La Petite Mort Gallery

Date :
vendredi 3 avril 2009
Heure :
19:00 - 22:00
Lieu :
Adresse :
306 Cumberland Street
Ville :
Ottawa, ON

Téléphone :
Adresse électronique :

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Ricky Allman, Grant Barnhart & Niall McClelland
April 2nd - April 25th, 2009
Opening Reception on THURSDAY, April 2nd from 6-8 p.m.

The David B. Smith Gallery is proud to announce its third exhibition of the 2009 Season. This exciting show introduces two new artists to the Gallery’s collectors and friends, and welcomes back Grant Barnhart who has exhibited with us before.

Many of you may remember Grant Barnhart’s work. He challenges the viewer to engage in an exploration of the contradictions and complexities of growing up in America, and living in today’s society as an adult. He merges childhood nostalgia and American archetypes with cultural critique and satire, to induce the viewer to evaluate and understand the conflicting perspectives of American culture with the hope of a promising and forgiving future.

Ricky Allman’s work is composed of geometric landscapes pulsing with color, design, and optimism. He triumphantly creates warm and inviting scenes that generate coexistence between technology, architecture and nature. People seldom appear in Allman’s work giving a false sense of security and often leaving one to wonder the actual importance of man in this equation. He skillfully navigates the landscapes in and out of each other with the artfulness of dance and the ingenuity of a machine. His use of chromatic colors distinguished with dark and pale shades serves to further heighten the contrast and drama of his works.

The images of Niall McClelland stand in stark contrast to the color palates of his colleagues. He is a multi-disciplinary Toronto based artist with a strong material focus in his work, frequently limiting himself to a gray palette and readily available materials such as graphite, photocopies, ink and paper. McClelland has comprised a series of assembled and make shift “forgotten” flags. The illusion of folded paper, abstraction, and smudged mark making gives life to the cast aside forms. He successfully demonstrates the ability to pull these fictitious flags from ash and debris to reconstruct the forms in a new light, leaving the audience to pause about what caused the fall of these previous civilizations and the precarious rebirth of the distinct inexperienced emblems.

All three of these artists are sure to intrigue and challenge the viewer to understand the work, and the artist’s perspective. Please join us and see this unique collection of beautiful and engaging works of art.

Heure de début :
jeudi 2 avril 2009, à 18:00
Heure de fin :
samedi 25 avril 2009, à 18:00
Lieu :
Adresse :
825 Santa Fe Drive
Ville :
Denver, CO

Téléphone :
Adresse électronique :

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