jeudi 9 avril 2009


Friday Night @ KW|AGAfter Hours at the Kitchener-Waterloo Art Gallery

$15 in advance (until 5 p.m.) | $20 at the door
Because it is a licensed event, photo ID is required.

Friday Night @ KW|AG is a fun, engaging evening of art, live entertainment and food/drinks. It’s a chance to visit the Gallery in a relaxed, social atmosphere, meet local visual artists and musicians, and engage in the Gallery’s current exhibitions.

Hospitality provided by art|bar creative dining and wines.


New Clear Trio


DJ Furious George (David Partridge)
Furious George starting DJing with his Dad at weddings and banquets from the young age of 13. He DJs many events from weddings, to clubs, to raves. He specializes in house, electro house, and trance music. His influences include classic rock, early electronic, soul, funk, Motown, dance, hip-hop, and mainstream. He is also the President of the University of Waterloo DJ Club (UWDJ).

Phaelon has been a hobbiest DJ for the past 7 years and a producer for the past 2 years. He is very active in the University of Waterloo DJ Club and he is a former resident at the Rude Native Bistro in Waterloo, Ontario. His influences include latin, funk, disco, and early electronic styles.

Guest Artist:

Mindy Alexander (Bachelor of Fine Arts, York University)
Mindy has extensive experience teaching people of all ages. She enjoys creating a welcoming studio setting for children to explore a variety of art media and techniques while they discover their own ideas and interests.

Heure de début :
vendredi 17 avril 2009, à 20:30
Heure de fin :
samedi 18 avril 2009, à 00:30
Lieu :
KW|AG (Gallery located in Centre in the Square)
Adresse :
101 Queen Street North
Ville :
Kitchener, ON

Téléphone :
Adresse électronique :

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April 16th to May 9th

This new body of work by Margaret McLoughlin conjures up the isolation and desolation of a forest landscape. The power of the elements is seen in the fallen trees, the broken branches and the windswept plane. This constant natural regeneration bears witness to the passing of time. Remnants of man-made structures evoke our fleeting presence on the landscape. McLoughlin uses carborundum and drypoint to convey the rich colours and textures of this wet peaty landscape. In a new departure for McLoughlin, this exhibition includes oils on canvas affording the artist a new domain to explore.

Heure de début :
jeudi 16 avril 2009, à 18:00
Heure de fin :
samedi 9 mai 2009, à 18:00
Lieu :
Adresse :
4 Temple Bar
Ville :
Dublin, Ireland

Adresse électronique :

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BOMBS AWAY! A graffiti show curated by Yasha Young and American graffiti artist Tim Conlon aka CON Featuring over 20 international artists including:

Starts April 17th at 7 p.m. – runs until May 3rd.

Graffiti’s invasion of everyday culture, from the underground of subway walls and freight trains into our daily lives, started for good in the 1980s. Both its commercialization but also its upheld status as an illegal “outlaw” activity has since ensured graffiti’s continued appeal and the controversy surrounding it. Over the last few years, its acceptance as a true art form, of meaningful cultural expression rather than as mere vandalism performed by rebellious teenagers, has steadily grown, and consequently the art world’s interest in graffiti and its history, as well as other forms of street art has led the medium away from the streets, into commercial settings, and onto the exhibition walls of galleries and museums.

Heure de début :
vendredi 17 avril 2009, à 19:00
Heure de fin :
dimanche 3 mai 2009, à 18:00
Lieu :
Adresse :
Boxhagener Str. 36
Ville :
Berlin, Germany

Téléphone :
Adresse électronique :

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Don't miss this one, it will be HUGE!


In May and October 2009, an old laboratory of the ministry of economic affairs in Zennestraat 17 Rue de la Senne -a unique location in the heart of Brussels- will be the location to discover a crossover of innovating and contemporary artistic work. Eight artistic organizations, both Flemish and French-speaking have been offered the chance for a temporary residency in this 2500m2 building from April to December 2009 and they organize two common large-scale exhibition-events. A unique chance to admire the large mixture of artistic humus present in Brussels. This hub of contemporary artistic activity in a neighborhood in full development will also be open to the city and its inhabitants with extra activities in the common space.

The participating organizations - mainly from Brussels and active in visual arts - are: Constant, Josworld, Croxhapox, Komplot, Bains Connective, Fortlaan 17, SECONDroom, Q-O2.

Heure de début :
vendredi 24 avril 2009, à 18:00
Heure de fin :
dimanche 26 avril 2009, à 18:00
Lieu :
Zennestraat 17 Rue de la Senne
Adresse :
Zennestraat 17 Rue de la Senne
Ville :
Brussels, Belgium

Adresse électronique :

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In occasione di Esposizione Universale – L'arte alla prova del tempo, GAMeC - Galleria d'Arte Moderna e Contemporanea organizza "Happy Art": otto appuntamenti alla scoperta di una sala della mostra ogni giovedì dalle ore 19,00 alle ore 19,45.

A seguire aperitivo con il relatore. Ingresso ridotto + 5 €.

L'Art à l'épreuve du temps de Marcello Maloberti - L'Art heureux : 45 minutes de bonheur... de 7h à 7h45...

9 Aprile: HAPPY POWER con Maria Elena Nardari
16 Aprile: HAPPY DAY con Manuela Bandini
23 Aprile: HAPPY LIFE con Antonia Abbattista Finocchiaro
30 Aprile: HAPPY DEATH con Sara Fumagalli
7 Maggio: HAPPY LOVE con Giovanni Dal Covolo
14 Maggio: HAPPY HATE con Sem Galimberti
21 Maggio: HAPPY MIND con Giovanna Brambilla Ranise
28 Maggio: HAPPY BODY con Daniela Mancia

Heure de début :
jeudi 9 avril 2009, à 19:00
Heure de fin :
jeudi 28 mai 2009, à 19:45
Lieu :
GAMeC - Galleria d'Arte Moderna e Contemporanea
Adresse :
Via San Tomaso 53
Ville :
Bergamo, Italy

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PEKING FINE ARTS and DDM Warehouse presents Jin Shan Solo Exhibition: Stephen the Speculator

APRIL 11th - MAY 17, 2009

In Jin Shan's Solo Exhibition, the artist fabricates his show around an abstract martyr - Stephen (the Protomartyr of Christianity).

In the show, the abstract martyr is materialized into a herd of persecuted sheep, the latter being imagined as Stephen, the martyr of reality.

The exhibition is divided into five individual parts telling one story: sheep persecuted, sheep educated, and sheep's fight-back integrating animation, performance and installation.

The visitors are guided by the artist's designed route into a testing field for the power of creating martyr which humorously discusses the topics of how the public obtains power and the destiny of a martyr.

No. 570
DDM Warehouse
West Shanghai Huaihai Road

PEKING FINE ARTS et DDM Warehouse présente Jin Shan en exposition solo : Stephen le spéculateur

11 AVRIL - 17 MAI 2009

Dans l'exposition solo de Jin Shan, l'artiste fabrique son spectacle autour d'un présumé martyr - Stephen (le Protomartyre du christianisme).

Dans le spectacle, le présumé martyr prend la forme d'un troupeau de moutons persécutés, par Stephen, le martyr de la réalité.

L'exposition est divisée en cinq parties racontant une histoire: les moutons persécutés, les moutons instruits, et les moutons qui luttent en intégrant animation, performance et installation.

Les visiteurs sont guidésselon un itinéraire conçu par l'artiste, un lieu qui teste la puissance de la création de martyr et qui traite avec humour la manière dont le public obtient le pouvoir et le destin de martyr.

N ° 570
DDM Warehouse
Huaihai Road West Shanghai


This Friday, April 10th we will have an art opening for 'Is This Love Or Just A Beautiful Dream'. New work by Coco Howard and Spencer Moody. Artists will be in attendance so come on by, check out some art and socialize with the talented couple. We will have a short interview with them up on our site soon and a preview on Friday.

Another event to not be missed is our Mini Munny decorating Party on April 19th. Our friends over at Kidrobot our sponsoring this great event so come on by from 11-5 for a free munny. We will have decorating supplies here or bring your own. It should be a good time for all.

New toys are arriving each week. We now have Uglydoll Action Figures that some of you had been lookin' for. In a week or so we should have MINDstyle's Mechtorians by Doktor A (awesome) and more plush including Shawnimals pocket stash and ninja's and Michelle Valigura plush grenades.

Here's to the sun!


Masami Yamamoto s’inspire d’objets issus de la vie quotidienne.
Elle les enveloppe, les dissimule, les travesti,
ils deviennent de vagues souvenirs enfuis au plus profond de notre mémoire.
Ainsi éveille-t-elle en nous, au travers d’objets pas si banals que cela,
notre histoire, nos souvenirs d’enfance et bien d’autres émotions et sensations enfuies…
Je vous invite, au travers de son travail, à découvrir votre univers.

LE 24/04/09 - DE18H00 A 22H00

DU 24/04/09 AU 24/05/09
Mercredi au samedi 14H à 18H30 & sur RDV

LE 22/05/09 DE 19H00 A 23H00

Adresse: 56a,rue de l’Eau, 1190_Forest.
Contact: Laurence Van Nieuwenhoven – 0495_28.71.74

Heure de début :
vendredi 24 avril 2009, à 00:00
Heure de fin :
dimanche 24 mai 2009, à 00:00
Lieu :
Les Ateliers galerie de L'Ô
Adresse :
rue de l'eau, 56A
Téléphone :
Adresse électronique :

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