lundi 16 mars 2009


En cette soirée de l'équinoxe du printemps, les roses noires perceront la glace froide et stérile pour vous transporter dans un univers audio-visuel magique. Lors de cette soirée, la créativité se mêlera au chaos. Ce serait dément si ELLES réussissaient à faire monter votre pression art - et- rielle avec ces images et ces sonorités industriELLES!!!

De 20h à 23h:

Peinture en direct :

Marina Masklovskaia
Nadine Samuel
Marcel Thériault
Pierre Gaudreau
Isabelle Legault

Piste de danse de 23h à 6h:

DJ D6(b)HELL (Dark Electro / Industriel)
DJ VeneFex (Dark Electro / Industriel / Noise)
DJ Pandora (Ambiant / Industriel / Dark Psy)


Entrée: De 20 h à 22h: Contribution volontaire
À partir de 22h: 5$

À NOTER: Les portes de L'Espace seront fermées entre 1 hre et 3 hres du matin afin d'éviter les vas-et-viens inutiles. Pour ceux qui prévoient arriver à ce moment-là, un numéro de téléphone sera bientôt affiché sur cette page. Il vous sera donc possible de nous informer de votre arrivée.

**** CODE VESTIMENTAIRE: Les vêtements noirs sont de mise, pas de jeans ****


On this evening of the Spring equinox, black roses will pierce through the cold and sterile ice to transport you into their magical audio-visual universe. During this night, creativity will merge with chaos. It would be demented if they succeeded in rising your blood pressure with their sights and industrial sound.

From 8 to 10 PM:

Live Painting:

Marina Masklovskaia
Nadine Samuel
Marcel Thériault
Pierre Gaudreau
Isabelle Legault

Ambiant music by: DJ Pandora

Dancefloor from 11 PM to 6 AM:

DJ D6(b)HELL (Dark Electro / Industrial)
DJ VeneFex (Dark Electro / Industrial / Noise)
DJ Pandora (Ambiant / Industrial / Dark Psy)


Cover charge: From 8 to 10 PM: Voluntary Contribution
From 10 PM: 5$

IMPORTANT NOTICE: The doors to L'Espace will be closed from 1 to 3 AM to avoid unnecessary comings and goings. For those who plan to arrive around those times, a phone number will be posted on this page in the near future to allow you to inform us of your arrival.

**** DRESS CODE: Dark clothing, no jeans please *****

Heure de début :
vendredi 20 mars 2009 à 20:00
Heure de fin :
samedi 21 mars 2009 à 06:00
Lieu :
Club l'Espace
Adresse :
3983 Wellignton (métro de l'église)
Ville :
Montreal, QC

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A showcase of work from the budding talents of Nottingham Trent University second year photography students.

Open 16th - 22nd March 2009
12- 6pm, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday
4 - 6 pm Thursday
12- 4pm Friday

Special Viewing Friday 20th March, 3.00pm

Heure de début :
lundi 16 mars 2009 à 12:00
Heure de fin :
dimanche 22 mars 2009 à 18:00
Lieu :
Adresse :
65-67 Derby Road
Ville :
Nottingham, United Kingdom

Téléphone :
Adresse électronique :

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Sun Life Financial Art Talks

Art Talk with Janine Antoni
Co-presented by the Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics
Hosted by Robert Enright

In 2005, KW|AG and the Perimeter Institute formed a partnership to bring cutting edge visual art presentations by distinguished artists and cultural figures to Waterloo Region. The commitment to the world of ideas shared by both institutions and the desire to see art as part of the constellation of contemporary discussion was the basis for this new partnership. Each presentation is hosted by Robert Enright in a lecture and interview format. Enright has a distinguished career as a writer, broadcaster, and Editor-at-Large for Border Crossings Magazine. Janine Antoni, the American multi-media artist, will be the ninth speaker in this prestigious series.

Janine Antoni has emerged as one of the most significant sculptors and performance artists of her generation. Born in 1964 in the Bahamas, she was educated at Sarah Lawrence College and the Rhode Island School of Design, from which she graduated with an MFA in 1989. She lives and teaches in New York. Ms. Antoni is admired for a number of works from the 1990s which transformed everyday activities, like eating, sleeping and bathing, into acts and objects that conveyed a startling visual and visceral intensity. Her work "Gnaw" from 1992 is a sculptural installation of two massive cubes, one of lard and the other of chocolate, which bore the marks of her teeth. She subsequently reformed some of this material into sculpted candy boxes and lipstick tubes. Continuing the critique of beauty and its processes, she performed "Loving Care" in which she used her hair as a paint brush to paint a gallery floor with hair dye. In "Lick and Lather" from 1993, she fashioned self-portrait busts out of soap and chocolate, which she set on classical pedestals. "I had the idea that I would feed myself with myself and wash myself with myself" she said in an interview for Art 21. In "Mortar and Pestle", she also documented what may be the most unconventional kiss in the history of art. Antoni has consistently used her own body as a source for memorable images. Her work is about nurturing and sustenance and what we need to do as humans to stay alive, physically, emotionally and psychically. What she makes us realize is that art is a necessary nutrient for all of those conditions.

Janine Antoni has exhibited at the Whitney Museum, the Solomon R.Guggenheim Museum, S.I.T.E. Santa Fe, the Irish Museum of Modern Art, Dublin, The Reina Sofia, and the Los Angeles Museum of Contemporary Art. She is represented in New York by the Luhring Augustine Gallery.

Tickets: $20
Order online at
Or call 519-883-4480 (2-5 p.m. Monday to Friday)

Date :
mercredi 13 mai 2009
Heure :
19:30 - 21:00
Lieu :
Perimeter Institute’s Mike Lazaridis Theatre of Ideas
Adresse :
31 Caroline Street North
Ville :
Waterloo, ON

Téléphone :

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One’s age or state of mind can define what brings us amusement. Do you miss your lost blankie? Is your happiness measured by your DS score? Are you buying too many AA batteries? Has your computer been corrupted by viruses too often? What defines a toy? How do toys influence us?
The art may actually function as a toy, but let your imagination determine the definition of the toy. There will be a toy station for families with children at one exhibition and one for adults 21+ at the other location. We will set up interactive workshops at the shows along the artist’s artwork.

Ji Hyun Yoon
Julia Kemerer
Tiffany Gholar
Merchant Adams Jr

March 21st
Location A & B: 2308. 2140 W. North Ave, Chicago IL 60622
Location C: 1513 N. Western Ave, Chicago. IL 60622
5 ~ 10 p.m.
$5 entry donation

After party @ Bluefin Sushibar hosted by Paulinchicago
1952 W North Ave
10:00p.m. ~ 2 a.m.

Please check out the show spaces for the March 21st at Call for any question at (773)573-7096.

Date :
samedi 21 mars 2009
Heure :
17:00 - 22:00
Lieu :
2308. 2140 W. North Ave and 1513 n. Western
Adresse :
2308. 2140 W. North Ave and 1513 n. Western
Téléphone :
Adresse électronique :

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Theatre As Metaphor: Setting the Scene

This issue of Art Lies is situated between theatre and theatricality or, in more direct terms, between the theatre and its metaphors. The trigger for this inquiry was the result of the continued disdain for—and obsession with—theatrical tropes that preoccupy certain strains of contemporary artistic practice, as traced by a series of exhibitions over the past year. Out of these exhibitions, and the notions of theatre they brought to bear, grew the pressing need to readdress the legacies and the pervasiveness of metaphors related to the stage that continue to permeate the discourses of painting, sculpture, performance, installation, photography and film and video. What this issue is not is an inquiry into a specific form or tradition. Nor is it a guidebook to all of the likely—and unlikely—places from which theatre, theatricality and its antecedents might be thought to emerge. Instead, it is meant to function as a collection of statements that interrogate the primacy of theatre as metaphor in not only contemporary visual and literary contexts but beyond. And, much like W. J. T. Mitchell, who identified the vital signs of a “pictorial turn” in contemporary culture in the mid 1990s, one might ask what the characteristics of a “theatrical turn” would be, if there were ever such a turn. Rather than accept the image that the theatre offers of itself—both in vision and language—a theory of a theatrical turn would surely have to contend with the possibility that it is through this very mode that all cultural and social exchanges are mediated.

- Anjali Gupta, Editor & Aram Moshayedi, Guest Editorial Contributor

ART LIES is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization committed to stimulating critical discourse; documenting and fostering connections within the contemporary visual arts communities of Texas; and educating a national and international audience about the diverse activities of those communities.

Houston, TX
Houston, TX

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Izlozba fotografija Sinise Mladenovica
Model: Emilija Luka Sekulic

Heure de début :
mercredi 18 mars 2009 à 20:00
Heure de fin :
mardi 31 mars 2009 à 12:00
Lieu :
Ritmo Latino Cafe
Adresse :
Sremska 9
Ville :
Novi Sad, Serbia

Téléphone :

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Tappan Z Gallery is proud to feature the paintings of Mary Klein on Friday, March 20th. MEET THE ARTIST and see her new works at Tappan Z Gallery for the very first time. Klein's unique sculptural paintings are distinctive, highly sought after, and compose our fastest selling collection. She is nationally recognized for her soulful and eclectic approach. Come see why and meet this inspiring artist in person.

Susan Olmetti's abstract paintings are a brand new introduction at the gallery. Vibrant imagery and frenetic energy are transformed through her work into a healing tool for this intense artist. Widespread international attention has brought praise for Olmetti's passionate artistry. Olmetti's work is a very special addition at Tappan Z Gallery.

Also, come see panoramic photography by acclaimed local artist Tom Sobolik. Sobolik's photographs celebrate the presence of the Hudson River in our lives. You will appreciate the dramatic perspective Sobolik captures and shares.

Date :
vendredi 20 mars 2009
Heure :
17:00 - 21:00
Lieu :
Tappan Z Gallery
Adresse :
51 Main Street
Ville :
Tarrytown, NY

Téléphone :
Adresse électronique :

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Bassment Party @TUBE - BELGRADE

Heure de début :
vendredi 20 mars 2009 à 22:00
Heure de fin :
samedi 21 mars 2009 à 04:00
Lieu :
Adresse :
Dobračina 17
Ville :
Belgrade, Serbia

Téléphone :

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The second solo show of Andy Wauman at Deweer Gallery.

The show consists of new paintings, sculptural works and a booklet with artist writings entitled 'Broken Plumes Of Sensation'.

Opening 2 May 15:00 - 18:30 in the presence of the Artist.

Heure de début :
samedi 2 mai 2009 à 16:00
Heure de fin :
lundi 1 juin 2009 à 19:00
runs until 21 June (wed-fri/sun: 14:00 - 18:00)
and (by appointments only) until 10 juli 2009
Lieu :
Adresse :
Tiegemstraat 6A
Ville :
Otegem, Belgium

Téléphone :
Adresse électronique :

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Drill Down_02 presenta FOLLETTO_"V1/V2/VK121"
A cura di Stefano Monti

nt art gallery
Nuova sede: via Michelino, 33 IT 40127 Bologna
T +39 3316435085 Skype: ntartgallery

Inaugurazione: 25/03/09 alle ore 22.00
Periodo: solo mercoledì 25 marzo ore 22.00

Drill Down, alla lettera, significa perforazione del terreno, del suolo, dal verbo to drill: trapanare, perforare, sondare. Questo è ciò che avviene, a livello metaforico, anche nel linguaggio informatico, da cui il titolo della rassegna prende a prestito il termine. La Drill Down Technology è infatti una tecnica che permette la visualizzazione o la ricerca di informazioni gerarchizzate. Ed è seguendo lo stesso principio che la rassegna Drill Down si propone di presentare progetti artistici che meritano di essere fruiti con un grado maggiore di specificità rispetto a quello che le consuete mostre permettono. Si tratta sempre di un’esposizione ristretta di opere che necessitano di essere isolate dal contesto dell’esibizione per poterne evidenziare al meglio le caratteristiche, con un maggior livello di dettaglio, approfondendone la riflessione secondo l’andamento a cascata del Drill Down.

Breve aneddoto illuminante riguardo la genesi progettuale della performance ce lo fornisce la storia della nascita dell'aspirapolvere:
"Nel 1929 quando l'industria dei grammofoni era ormai sul viale del tramonto, un ingegnere tedesco di nome Engelbert Gorissen lavorava alla modifica di un piccolo grammofono tramite l'applicazione di due manovelle al corpo del motore centrale, il suo scopo era quello di invertire la propagazione del suono, invece di espellere all'esterno l'onda sonora quanto di attirarla all'interno, di aspirarne la frequenza. Vedendola in funzione nel suo studio, la sua segretaria esclamò: "ma questo è un piccolo "kabold"... (in tedesco "folletto"), nasceva così il cuore di un elettrodomestico rivoluzionario...”

Nel panorama odierno la sperimentazione sonora ha ampiamente esplorato l'uso di strumenti non propriamente musicali, o quanto meno la cui funzione primaria non fosse legata alla produzione di suono. La manipolazione strumentale di tali oggetti ha avuto come conseguenza diretta la modifica concettuale dello stesso linguaggio sonoro, della sua sintassi, ma creando a sua volta uno stereotipato alfabeto dove il suono recita ciclicamente i propri limiti in territori auto-referenziali.

"FOLLETTO" nasce con l'intenzione di sovvertire, indispettire e scompaginare un clichè formale subordinato alla ben nota sperimentazione sonora di stampo artistico, appiattita ormai su canoni internazionalmente omologati. Aspirando con intensità centripeta la superficie obliqua della musica contemporanea, "FOLLETTO" restituisce al rumore un riflesso melodico compresso, codificato da un'elettronica spartana e nichilista, specularmente legata all' assorbimento sonoro di fonti tradizionali quali l'armonica, il flauto, la chitarra acustica, in un percorso di rielaborazione a ritroso, dalla a-tonalità più esasperata fino alla riscoperta di una melodia lineare e siderale, dove il rumore diviene un "noise naivetè" da banda transalpina, l'elettronica un concetto demodè, la sperimentazione un'eco lontana di un trasmettitore in ascolto nelle praterie siberiane, battute da gelidi refoli di vento ghiacciato.

Difficile descrivere le suggestioni di una musica impura per nascita e metodo, fuorviante per i suoi singoli rimandi alla musica colta ma anche popolare come il rock, il folk o il blues, tutti aggettivi presenti ma non determinanti, riconcepiti in una centrifuga "sui generis" dell'esperienza sonora. Fin dal nome non casuale, l'analogia con evocazioni nordiche o da improbabile gruppo beatnik collocano "FOLLETTO" in uno spazio iconoclasta di "stupido anacronismo", volutamente ambiguo e fastidioso quanto la "contemporaneità" e il suo sordo silenzio disturbato dal ronzio di un aspirapolvere...

"FOLLETTO" è una performance in bilico tra negazione teatrale e musica da sottosuolo, e si articola in due azioni performative collegate in un unico atto:
Nella prima sala, un’opera di Andrea Renzini "pupilla ombrella" (2009), accoglie il visitatore nell'oscurità, interrotta dal solo lampeggiare di un segnalatore luminoso, nell'attesa di accedere alla seconda sala dove un prato sintetico sprofonda in raccolta penombra, risucchiato da un sottosuolo iridescente e zuccheroso, occultando qualsiasi visione alla sovrastante superficie, ma non alla sua amplificata voce.

"FOLLETTO" è un progetto aperto nato nel dicembre del 2008 in continua evoluzione
composto da:


Studio and live equipments:

AR: aspirapolvere alfatec AS44, aerosol microflux. massager, armonica, flauto, echo SMW-42
GLP: chitarre, elettronica, aspirapolvere type 30022 temozeta star
W1: circuiti analogici, compressori e microfoni, aspirapolvere 72103 piuma parquet
V2: percussioni, pianola, aspirapolvere rowenta RH600

CLAUDIO LANTERI: contributi video


Drill Down à la lettre, cela signifie que le forage du sol, le sol, du verbe à percer: perceuse, perceuse, explorer. C'est ce qui se passe, une métaphore, même dans la langue, d'où le titre de l'exposition emprunte le terme. Le Drill Down Technology est une technique qui permet de visualiser ou de rechercher des informations hiérarchique. Et c'est en suivant le même principe que le Drill Down examen a pour but de présenter des projets artistiques qui méritent d'être pris avec un plus haut degré de spécificité que les expositions habituelles de permis. Cela est toujours limité l'exposition des œuvres qui doivent être isolés du contexte de l'exposition afin de mettre en valeur les meilleures caractéristiques, avec un plus grand niveau de détail tout en continuant la réflexion à l'évolution de la cascade Drill Down.

Folletto "V1/V2/VK121"
Brève anecdote éclairante sur la genèse de la performance du projet nous donne l'histoire de la naissance dell'aspirapolvere:
"En 1929, lorsque l'industrie est maintenant gramophones sur Sunset Boulevard, un ingénieur allemand nommé Engelbert travaillé Gorissen pour changer un petit gramophone grâce à l'application de deux manivelles à l'organe central du moteur, son but était de renverser la propagation du son, au lieu de l'expulsion de l'extérieur comme les ondes sonores pour attirer l'intérieur, vous pouvez appeler la fréquence. scie en opération dans son bureau, sa secrétaire a dit, "mais c'est un petit" kabold ".. . (en allemand "elfe"), est né au cœur d'un appareil révolutionnaire ... "

Dans le paysage sonore d'expérimentation a largement exploré l'utilisation d'instruments de musique correctement, ou du moins dont la fonction principale n'est pas liée à la production du son. Instrumental manipulation de ces objets directement influencé l'évolution du même langage conceptuel solide, sa syntaxe, mais, à son tour la création d'un alphabet où le stéréotype du son lit régulièrement ses limites dans les territoires auto-référentiel.

"Folletto" né avec l'intention de corrompre, indispettire et scompaginare un cliché de l'objet à la forme de test sont bien connues de l'art qui, désormais internationalement approuvées forfaitaires. L'aspiration à la surface oblique centripète intensité de la musique contemporaine, "Folletto" revient à l'mélodique reflète bruit compressé, crypté par un'elettronica Spartan et nihiliste, à l'inverse liée à «l'absorption de sources sonores telles que l'harmonica, flûte, guitare le bruit dans un processus de refonte de revenir d'un ton plus exaspéré-up à la redécouverte d'une mélodie simple et sidéral, où le bruit devient un «naïf de bruit" de la bande transalpine, de l'électronique concept démodé, l'essai d'un " écho d'un émetteur distant écoute Sibérie prairies, battus par le vent froid Refolo gelés.

Difficile de décrire le charme d'une musique impure par la naissance, et la méthode pour induire en erreur sa référence à l'individu mais aussi la musique populaire comme le rock, folk ou le blues, tous ces adjectifs, mais pas décisif, rénové une centrifugeuse "sui generis" du son. Comme le nom n'est pas aléatoire, l'analogie avec le groupe nordique évocations ou improbable place beatnik "Folletto" iconoclaste dans une zone de «stupide anachronisme" délibérément ambigu et troublant que le «contemporain» et de son silence troublé par le murmure d'un mat aspirateur ...

"Folletto" est un spectacle oscillant entre le déni et jouer de la musique underground, et est divisée en deux actions liées à l'exécution d'un seul fichier:
Dans la première salle, une œuvre d'Andrea Renzini "élève Umbrella" (2009), accueille les visiteurs dans la nuit, interrompues seulement par un voyant lumineux clignote, en attente d'accéder à la deuxième salle, où un gazon synthétique dans les puits de collecte morosité , aspiré par un sous-sol irisées et de sucre, occultant toute vue sur la région, mais pas à sa voix amplifiée.

"Folletto" est un projet né en Décembre 2008, en constante évolution


Équipements de studio et de vivre:

AR: alfatec AS44 aspirateurs, microflux aérosol. massager, harmonica, flûte, echo SMW-42
GLP: guitares, électronique, vide de type 30022 temozeta star
W1: circuits analogiques, des compresseurs et des microphones, des plumes parquet aspirateur 72103
V2: percussions, piano, Rowenta vide RH600

CLAUDIO LANTER: contributions vidéo


Heure de début :
mercredi 25 mars 2009 à 22:00
Heure de fin :
jeudi 26 mars 2009 à 01:00
Lieu :
Adresse :
Ville :
Bologna, Italy

Téléphone :
Adresse électronique :

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We will be celebrating the astrological signs of Pisces and Aries- most of the art collective at Seed is born in those two months so we figured why not make an evening devoted to our signs.

the sun rises exactly in the east, travels
through the sky for 12 hours and then sets
exactly in the west. So all over the world, at
this special moment, day and night are of
equal length hence the word equinox which
means 'equal night'.

So it's the equinox on friday and we are going to detox our bodies, relieve our stresses and prepare for a beautiful summer and come together to celebrate the beginning of the new growth cycle.

We will be honored by artists that are traveling to come out and warm up your ears and your
line up:
ORBIT -Alladin Project
Hurricane Bane

VJs: Aghori Christ, Michael, & Archaic Revival

Bring art supplies!!!!
Everyone on the Birthday List gets in for free
Rutgers student discount/ $8- bring id

Doors open at 8pm
till 6am

Bring 3D Glasses


Heure de début :
vendredi 20 mars 2009 à 20:00
Heure de fin :
samedi 21 mars 2009 à 06:00
Lieu :
Adresse :
239 Washington Street
Ville :
Newark, NJ

Téléphone :
Adresse électronique :

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Two New Medallic & Small Sculpture Exhibits @ Medialia Gallery, NYC, March 4-24, 2009

Space I: The Second International Sculpture Competition for Emerging Artists. Grand Prix recipients Nicole Vlado and others. Presented by New Approach Inc.

Space II: USA FIDEM An Exhibition of medallic and small scale sculpture, including work by John Cook and Leonda F. Finke.

For further information contact

Medialia... Rack and Hamper Gallery
335 West 38th Street, 4th Floor
New York, NY

Recent Exhibitions still on view include:
MEDALLIC ART in WORLD WAR I - Selections from private collections, curated by Scott Miller


La Petite Mort Gallery presents:
Photo Exhibit by TONY FOUHSE
May 1 - 30, 2009
Vernissage Friday May 1, 2009 / 7 - 10pm
Proudly sponsored by CKCU 93.1 FM


There’s a corner in Ottawa where anarchy reigns.

The people who inhabit that corner aren’t terrorists. They don’t blow stuff up nor do
they want to overthrow any system or government. Mostly they just want to be left
alone to fight their pain. Their weapon of choice is crack cocaine; the battleground
is their bodies and their spirit. Crack addicts.

Since 2007 I’ve been going to this corner over and over again, obsessed. Obsessed
with documenting the feel and the face of this small society. I work with a camera and
the cooperation and acceptance of the addicts I’m photographing. They know me, I know
them. We have an understanding. The work I’m doing there feels like collaboration.

Some have said I’m collaborating with the enemy. They say that the addicts on that corner
should be swept away. Of course, where they’ll go, how they’ll be treated is left unsaid.
Addiction has always been with us, always will be. Lip service and knee-jerks count for

I don’t go down to that corner to fight for or against the addicts, I’m not there to judge. I’m
there as an observer, one who has a point of view and the means to express that point of
view. The casual passerby will see ugliness and conflict and degradation on that corner.
Those all exist there, as they do on other corners, in other places.

But there are other emotions and dynamics to be seen there, too. I see community and
fellowship, I see street mothers looking after the young women. I see one kind of pain
being replaced with another kind of pain, one that is somehow - we can’t even begin to
imagine - more acceptable to the addict. I see creativity, friendship and humanity. I see

USER is an ongoing, open-ended project.

My first year of shooting there was all done at dusk and in the dark. These images are an
approximation (I call them “based on reality”) of some of the dynamic I observed on that
corner. I would work with the subjects to set up small situations that reflected the look
and feel of the nighttime corner.

The following year (2008) I became more interested in the face of the addicts. This work,
titled: “USER: Women”, is a series of large format, close-up photographs of some of the
women crack addicts that congregate on that corner.

These images are much more confrontational and stripped down than the previous work
there. They show the face, rather than the feel, of that corner. The women look into the
lens and allow you, the viewer, to look straight back at them, to look into their eyes and
make up your own mind.

Tony Fouhse
February, 2009

Thank you,

Guy Berube, director
La Petite Mort Gallery

Date :
vendredi 1 mai 2009
Heure :
19:00 - 22:00
Lieu :
Adresse :
306 Cumberland Street
Ville :
Ottawa, ON

Téléphone :
Adresse électronique :

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