jeudi 9 juillet 2009



Expo Street Art

Ils sont 7 artistes et ils viennent de Los Angeles, Marseille, Paris, Lyon pour nous livrer leurs dernières créations. Elle nous ont été fraîchement peintes pour l'occasion et valent la détour. Alors nous n'allions pas dire "si vous passez par là" mais si vous aimez le "GRAFF" on se fera un plaisir de vous accueillir du mardi au samedi de 10h00-13h00 / 14h30-19h00. (vernissage le Jeudi 23 Juillet à partir de 19h00)


Heure de début :
15 juillet 2009 à 10:00
Heure de fin :
14 septembre 2009 à 19:00
Lieu :
Galerie Fabrik89
Adresse :
89 rue Sainte
Ville :
Marseille, France

Téléphone :
Courriel :

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Desire for Anima – Yigal Ozeri

Opening Thursday September 10, 2009, 6 – 8pm

September 10 – October 24, 2009

Mike Weiss Gallery presents Desire for Anima, an exhibition of new oil paintings on paper by Israeli artist Yigal Ozeri. Using video and camera work in the initial stages of his process, Ozeri embodies the role of film director, choreographer, and painter. The essence of Ozeri’s paintings are the performative and psychological aspects they take on, ultimately breaking through the veils of perception and illusion into raw, tactile reality itself.

In this newest work, Ozeri gives us a series of portraits of young women together or standing alone in lush fields of grass under expansive skies. The girls are presented partially or fully nude, seemingly engrossed within their idyllic surroundings. Their gaze is only ever turned obliquely towards the viewer, yet their vulnerability and fragility is haunting.

There is an uncanny presence in these images, a spirit or charge of the human presence that saturates the pictures, which is revealed by the detail and tiny brushwork in which Ozeri renders these young women. This presence is the hidden essence of his work, and marks Ozeri’s special insight, and psychological atmosphere of his endeavor. Ozeri seeks to touch the anima, Carl Gustav Jung’s concept of the powerful feminine archetype that resides in the unconscious, the driving force underlying all creative potential. The delicate moods that Ozeri achieves are result of this desire, beginning as a dialogue that has the immediacy of a Polaroid, taking place between the artist and model in an interdisciplinary, collaborative environment reminiscent of Warhol’s Factory.

Ozeri responds to today’s demand for high definition media images, but unlike television or video Ozeri’s art concerns the basic philosophical premises of perception and illusion, and uses the resolution of realism to break into a hidden, sensuous reality beneath. In this his new work he recalls Duchamp’s Etánt Donne; where a carefully staged conceptual installation masquerades as a tromp l’oeil painting. Ozeri’s newest paintings similarly set a complex performative working strategy into the context of realistic figurative painting, yet Ozeri is concerned with the presence of Eros in the natural world, the fragility of our planet; the verdant and elusive feminine space of the anima.

Yigal Ozeri has exhibited extensively throughout Israel, Europe and the United States, and his work can be found in many prominent collections, including Albertina Museum, Vienna; Hudson Valley Center for Contemporary Art, Westchester; Kennedy Center for the Arts, Washington DC; McNay Art Museum, San Antonio; Nerman Museum, Kansas City; Scheringa Museum of Realist Art, Netherlands; Tel Aviv Museum of Art, Israel; and The Jewish Museum, New York. The artist lives and works in New York City.

Mike Weiss Gallery, 520 West 24th Street , New York, NY 10011


Central Booking Art Space to Opens in Brooklyn

OPENS IN BROOKLYN’S DUMBO Providing Rare Accessibility to the Breadth of Book Art

NEW YORK (July 8, 2009) - pioneered the genre, and central to the conceptual art of the 60s artists such as Sol DeWitt, “book art” has in recent years devolved into a niche art form. That situation is about to change when Maddy Rosenberg and colleagues inaugurate Central Booking (CB) – a unique international art space specifically and consistently dedicated to the entire breadth and scope of the book as art - on September 17, 2009, 6-9PM.

Central Booking is located at
111 Front St. Gallery 214, Dumbo, Brooklyn, 11201,
Hours are as follows: Thursday-Sunday, 12-6PM.

A respected and accomplished artist and curator herself, Rosenberg says that she conceived CB with a two-fold objective in mind: create a distinctive space where the virtually infinite forms and range of book art and prints can be seen in one place while providing both established and emerging practitioners of the genre with an outlet for their work.

In addition, CB’s overall mission aims to be global in scope: to serve as a catalyst for the integration of artist’s books into the mainstream art world, where they are now often marginalized.

To achieve this mission, Rosenberg has arranged the physical lay out of Central Booking into two distinct but integrated spaces:

• Gallery I will be dedicated to Book Art and Prints

• Gallery II will be reserved for curated thematic exhibitions.

These exhibitions will showcase an unusually broad variety of genres while always integrating the participation/work of at least one book artist.

Central Booking's innovative integration of spaces is organic as many book artists work in other genres as well: painting, sculpture, installation and video art. Indeed, book art often incorporates these other genres to create truly original multi-media works.

Participating artists are both those well known to the New York audience as well as young and international artists who will be introduced. They include Doug Beube, Jay Bolotin, Sang-ah Choi, Beatrice Coron, Judy Hoffman, Kahn & Selesnick, Gerhard Mantz, Clifton Meador, Miriam Schaer and Holly Sears.

As such, the artistic synergies between the two gallery approach is intended to create spaces with distinctive identities that will nevertheless encourage an ongoing interactive relationship between the two.

A New Kind of Environment for Defining Book Art

According to Rosenberg, the organizing principle of CB is to define and showcase the ineffable art of the book. “Book art,” explains Rosenberg, “can be anything from a pamphlet done inexpensively on a copy machine to a letterpress codex bound book integrating words and images to a sculptural piece that is an object itself.”

To make what might seem to many to be an abstract concept accessible as well as to underscore the affordability of book art, CB’s layout combines the informality of a store with the selectivity and installation of a gallery.

Additional Attractions

CB will host screenings, musical events, special lecture series, discussion panels and workshops on topics of interest to both a specialized audience and the general public.

Building on its own interactive orientation, Central Booking also has a major online presence, growing as we speak. The website is a gallery with easy purchase of art work; a center of educational information, including a magazine highlighting the artists and their works, scholarly articles and related news items; subscription series for the purchase of certain works at limited-time special pricing; portfolios of prints of select artists available for purchase; and an events calendar for both the Central Booking site and space.

The CB Team

An experienced and successful curator and professional artist, Rosenberg knows first hand the importance of surrounding herself with highly qualified people in their respective fields. For CB, she has assembled the following team:

Maddy Rosenberg, Executive Director/Curator; Jon Coffelt, Curator; Frank de Falco, Director of PR/Marketing Strategy Development; Agnes Murray, Consultant; Emily Bicht, Administrator; Jennifer Chiswell, Editor/Researcher; Desi Minchillo, Advisor; Heidi Neilson, Designer/Webmaster; Amee Pollack, Collections Coordinator.

“Brooklyn has taken its position as a major art center in the world,” says Rosenberg, “yet still lacks a place where the public can have access to book and related arts on a continual basis.”

Central Booking promises to change that situation via a completely new approach to the handful of galleries in the world where book art is exhibited – usually only intermittingly or as only one of many genres.




11/07/2009 - 08/08/2009

Osaka, Japon

Artiste(s) : Ken Kitano 1

Eoin Mc Hugh

10/07/2009 - 08/08/2009

Kerlin Gallery
Dublin 2, Irlande

Artiste(s) : Eoin Mc Hugh


Night Shift

09/07/2009 - 28/08/2009

Yancey Richardson Gallery

New York, USA

Artiste(s) : Lynn Saville


Glitz & Grime : Photographs of Times Square

09/07/2009 - 28/08/2009

Yancey Richardson Gallery
New York, USA

Artiste(s) :

Olivo Barbieri

Philip-Lorca Dicorcia

Mitch Epstein

Louis Faurer

Robert Frank

Andrew Moore

Lisa Kereszi


Ricky Maynard

15/07/2009 - 15/08/2009
Vernissage le 18/07/2009

Stills Gallery
Paddington, Australie

Artiste(s) : Ricky Maynard


Anne Ferran

15/07/2009 - 15/08/2009
Vernissage le 18/07/2009

Stills Gallery
Paddington, Australie

Artiste(s) : Anne Ferran