vendredi 28 août 2009


03 – 23/09/2009
Celje, Slovenia

International Group Exhibition
Participants: HOSTS, GUESTS & GHOSTS

Opening: Thursday, 3 September, 8 - 10 p.m.
Likovni salon Celje, Trg celjskih knezov 9

In Cooperation with:

Muzej novejse zgodovine Celje
Pokrajinski muzej Celje
Mestni kino Metropol, Celje
Zupnijski urad Sv. Danijela, Celje
Hotel Evropa, Celje
Sportna zveza Celje
Zavod za varstvo kulturne dediscine Slovenije, OE Celje
Krcma TamKoUciri, Celje
Galerija Plevnik Kronkowska, Celje

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SPLAV MEDUZE seeks to understand the logic of the cannibalistic modes of survival under the laws of capitalism in the times of political disorientation, economic fundamentalism, financial despair, decrease of cultural values and ‘failure’ of historical promises. It aims to construct a mythology and iconography of its own, based upon a long-term, inclusive and citizens-oriented “democratic” structure, where the art exhibition (September 2009) comprises only a segment of a broader attempt to create the potential for a radically different public opinion.

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Heure de début :
3 septembre 2009 à 20:00
Heure de fin :
23 septembre 2009 à 19:00
Lieu :
Adresse :
Trg celjskih knezov 9
Ville :
Celje, Slovenia

Téléphone :
Courriel :

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"Lights On..." is a public art project developed and organized by the Los Angeles- based space Tarryn Teresa Gallery. "Lights on..." is a temporary light display that is installed in cities as a tribute to the local arts scene. In each occurence, CFL light bulbs decorated by individual local artists are displayed in a public park or other pedestrian-friendly area.

In July 2009, Los Angeles was the first city recognized. " Lights On.." has announced the planned location for the second installation: San Francisco, focusing attention on the vibrant art scene and diverse community of artists in the Bay Area.

"Lights on LA" is displayed in Pershing Square in downtown Los Angeles from July 15-September 18, 2009. Tarryn Soderberg conceived of "Lights on LA" as a way to focus attention on the arts during difficult economic times, when “nonessentials” typically suffer. In the years before the financial crisis, Gallery Row in Downtown Los Angeles was instrumental in the rejuvenation of the city core from strictly business to a thriving residential and business center. Ms Soderberg believes that it is imperative to recognize the important role arts institutions and individual artists played in this transformation. The installation is meant to serve as a reminder of the role that a vital and diverse artistic community plays in any successful urban environment at all stages of its development.

Tarryn Teresa Gallery
1820 Industrial St. #230
Los Angeles, CA, 90021